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Obsession create Momentum

What I do

I love to read and learn new things about business and personal finance. It has open my mind and create new obsession. Thus I feel motivated to share with my readers.

I Learn.

I Digest.

I Write.

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My Story

I am Cedric Bill (pen name) who fell in love with sharing good knowledge. Since young, I love to read a lot of book including fiction and non-fiction. However most of the knowledge I have was buried under the stress which has been accumulated since I start my carrier as an educator. The picture on the left is no me, it just reflect what I have been doing in the past 12 years.

So I want to start fresh. I want to learn, digest and write all the things related to business (sales and marketing) and finance. The knowledge may be wrong and not updated, feel free to drop a comment. If the knowledge is beneficial, please do share to others.

Disclaimer: Some links attached are my affiliate link which will give me a little commission when you subscribe certain software and services. I only included the software or services that I have investigated and I believe will add value to my readers.

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