About Me

My journey starts from making repeated mistakes in my daily job as a teacher. I keep on asking if the job as a teacher is not suit to my personal characters. I do not know, really. Do I like teaching? Yes, but repetitious mundane routine and facing small napoleons which make instruction very detail and difficult once it goes down to different level of organization hierarchy has taking toll on me. So I decided to seeking passive income as an affiliate and an entrepreneur.

Two questions that I got when I made this decision:

  1. Is it worth putting effort? Yes, it is for my own personal growth

2. What is your passion? To answer this question, I need to answer more detail question: If I have 1 billion USD, what I want to do?

I want to build an alternative school which cater students’ with learning difficulties. I want them to achieve success in their own way which cannot be obtain with the current approaches.

My personal target is  5 years from now (2025), the income will beat my current 7-3 job and able to settle all debt that I have. I want to be financially free.

I want to challenge myself to become better individually, growing to be a better person. I continuously studied 30 books on how to become financially free and the idea that I picked up is I need to sell something either product or service. At one point, I even decided to enroll into diploma of business management but put it off because of job and family constraints. I decided to start to learn basic knowledge about marketing and selling from books and videos that I can obtain.