Kinsta, hosting plan that built for speed with affordable price

Today, we’re taking a look at a managed WordPress hosting service called Kinsta. Launched in 2013, it is actually one of the fastest growing WordPress hosts in Europe and America. So, in this article, we are giving reviews why Kinsta is a seriously good web hosting solution and its competitor. 

One of the most important SEO ranking factors in 2021 is site speed. Google algorithms knows exactly how fast your website is and because Google wants the best experience for its users, they will recommend only the good ones on its first search page.

NO 1: Kinsta is a great hosting solution. It is blazing fast. It provides faster page loading time, not only correlates with a higher conversion, longer average visitor duration and decreased bounce rates, but also much better SEO. Kinsta  is certainly in the top tier of hosts that deliver on speed. During our test, the average low time was 497 milliseconds, which is pretty fast. 

NO 2: They do use cloud-based infrastructure that is absolutely built for speed. Its most distinguishing feature is that it exclusively offers Google cloud server hosting. This makes their infrastructure fundamentally different to the traditional or dedicated hosting of all of its competitors. Instead of hosting through a single server, in a data centre, cloud hosts utilize virtual service space that taps into a complex network of physical servers. This offers users some pretty cool advantages in terms of speed, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. 

No 3: Kinsta offers 99.9% uptime guaranteed. This confidence is a clear result of its cloud hosting infrastructure.  Cloud hosts by nature are much more reliable at keeping websites online. And if that’s not enough, Kinsta also pays this with continuous monitoring and uptime checks every minute. If they failed to correct errors, response codes within 30 minutes, your account will be credited. This guarantee holds true 24 seven every day of the year. 

NO 4: Awesome technical support. One of Kinsta’s biggest strengths is their support team which  is entirely made from veteran WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers. This means the technical level of support is one of the best on the market. So instead of needing to go through a series of level one or level two support reps, Kinsta users always have real experts directly at their fingertips. Kinston offers 24 seven support by the Intercom widget, a live chat and ticket solution,

NO 5: Simple setup and migration. It is really easy to create an account, and migrate your domain  with Kinsta. 

NO 6: Kinsta offers plenty of tools to keep your site safe and secure tools such as daily backups can set provides daily automatic WordPress backups, as well as system generated backups for all sides on your account. These are available as restore points on the MC Kinsta dashboard and are stored for 14 days, manual backups as well. You can make up to five manual backups. Including one downloadable backup every single week. And event backup certain events also generate an automatic backup. For example, switching from staging to production, generates a copy of your life side, just in case something goes wrong. All right, then guys, bear with me.

NO 7:. Good for traffic spikes. Who said growing your website, it has to be so complicated. Another very attractive feature of Kinsta is its scalability, a direct payoff of its cloud-based architecture. So in the case of an unexpected traffic surge, Kinsta does its integration with the Google compute engine lets a website’s container scale dramatically to as many CPU’s as needed and as the cloud, all those scales to manage the load. So your WordPress site can remain online without crashing.

NO 8: optimize for e-commerce sites. Quite honestly, Kinsta is great news for any e-commerce business on WordPress, after all with free plugins, like WooCommerce, WordPress remains one of the most attractive platforms for entrepreneurs. You will be completely fine going with it. So Kinsta clearly has some great pros going forward, but no hosting solution is ever perfect. 

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting solution. It unfortunately does also come attached to a premium price tag. The monthly cost is pretty steep with a standard tier costing $30 a month. This goes all the way up to $900 a month in prices for its top tier plan. 

That may be high enough to discourage smaller businesses. And it is significantly higher than almost every one of its main competitors. So I completely understand if this high price point does put you off, that is fully understandable. It is quite expensive. However after using Kinsta about 3 months, they never disappoint me in terms of speed and their customer service.

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